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How To Start A Blog On Instagram

I was searching for some new ideas for this blog ( ) and then I came across this amazing topic - "How to start a blog on Instagram?" This is something that even I have wondered in the past when I first created my Instagram profile. I am a blogger so even if I am just scrolling through my social media accounts, at the back of my head I am still thinking about blogging. So, I thought, how cool it would be if I could start a blog on Instagram. But, at that time, I really didn't knew how to do it so I did a lot of research and here is the outcome of my research. I have simplified everything for you in this blog post so that y ou can easily and quickly start blogging on Instagram yourself . Let's begin... How to start a blog on Instagram? When you start a blog on Instagram, it doesn't really is a blog, in fact it is a micro-blog . Don't worry, I'll explain everything in detail. Blogging has evolved tremendously ove