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Is Social Media Good for Society?

Social media is something that is essential as well as non-essential these days. I will give you the reasons why I am saying that it is both essential and non-essential at the same time, so don't worry, keep on reading. One of the biggest question or rather argument these days is - Is Social Media good for society? Well, to be very honest, Yes! Social media is good for the society but you have to keep in mind that it is an extremely powerful source of medium that if used unresponsively can be extremely bad for the society as well. So, being responsible is very important. (Also read How to start a blog on Instagram  this is one of the quickest emerging new platforms for micro-blogging from where you can earn a lot of money. It is a business opportunity so check out this article and see if you can also start making some money online. It is always better to not waste your time on social media but when you are running a business then you can make millions.) Keep in touch