I’m A Celebrity: Anne Hegerty Weight Loss

Anne Hegerty lost one-stone weight and is now flaunting her body. She said that her enormous knockers caused her extreme discomfort in the jungle.

She was in the I’m A Celebrity jungle for 18 long and tiresome days and left after she was evicted from the show by the public.

 After her eviction, she happily reunited with her previous comfortable luxuries.

When Anne Hegerty posed for her official photo shoot after leaving the camp, her happiness was quite evident. She was flaunting her new weight loss of one-stone with confidence.

The Chase star was looking fantastic with her body weight transformation. She was not wearing the usual jungle uniform, in fact, she was wearing a beautiful bright-colored ensemble. The dress definitely looked amazing on her as she looked more slim and sun-kissed.

Anne Hegerty, 60, revealed that she was extremely uncomfortable during the jungle camp due to her big breasts.

She told a leading daily that unlike some people who were suffering there due to boredom or missing their people, I was not having those issues. My only issue was extreme physical discomfort.

She also said that she is not very comfortable with being outdoors and she doesn’t really enjoy living outdoors. She is just not designed to live like that. Even doing simple things like taking off the bra or putting it back was an issue. She was extremely uncomfortable due to her enormous knockers.

She continued and said that she is not even sure about her size because she obviously buys the biggest bras and them customize them.

Anne Hegerty is loved by thousands of people worldwide due to her popular ITV game show, where she played her alter-ego The Governess.

The star looked extremely high-spirited when she posed for the cameras in Palazzo Versace Hotel in Australia’s Gold Coast.

She looked super proud of herself for overcoming her fears and staying in the jungle for 18 days even after having so many issues. She looked full of energy while leaning towards the pillar for photos.

She was dressed casually unlike her sophisticated look as The Governess.

Her skin looked all sun-kissed and she had a beautiful bronzed glow on her face after staying in the jungle.

Within just three weeks she lost one-stone of weight which is a huge achievement.

She finished in the seventh place as she was the fifth one to be evicted out of the jungle.

All her fans are stunned to see this amazing weight loss. Her new weight and size are not confirmed yet but she looks stunning and happy with her achievement.

Fans even complimented her on twitter and tweets from all across starting coming in. Some fans asked how much weight she lost, some said, you did amazing. It was all compliments pouring in.

“Well done Anne! You have done so well and you have lost a lot of weight”.
“Ok, so I am eating rice and beans from today. Anne lost so much of weight.”
“Can we just talk about the amazing weight loss.”

Anne spoke about her weight loss and said that she gave up rice as she had no other choice because it was just making her unwell.

While the celebrities were in the jungle they were forced to live on a very strict diet. That diet consisted of just beans and rice. To add to the problems of the celebrities they were given very fewer rations. So, they had to win food during the Bushtucker trials.

It was not at all easy living in the jungle. Food was limited so obviously, she lost weight. It is a tough job for anyone to live in such conditions and without any basic necessities.

Anne also said that there is no salt in the jungle so eating is not easy. As it is the food was not tasty and on top of that no salt.

According to some reports, this year the stars on the show lost a combined weight of four-stone within just one week on limited rations.

The Sun reported that after the first seven days in the camp, the celebrities starting seeing a massive weight loss due to the “jungle diet”. The biggest losers were Harry Redknapp and Nick Knowles.
Emily Atack also seems extremely happy with her weight loss. A lot of people wonder if there are any fat burning exercises that can help with weight loss in a more natural way like without dieting. She said that she is eagerly waiting to return back to the UK for the festive season as now she can easily indulge more of the festive food.

The camp-mates have lost around four-stone of weight due to the healthy diet that they are consuming there. All the diet that includes veg, meat protein, fish is fast absorbing. So, when they eat they their metabolism works quickly and burns off all the unwanted fat and calories stored in their body.

Obviously, when the food is limited, their body’s will burn off the stored fat in order to release energy. This is the main reason behind their massive weight loss.

Also, they are not eating anything that is unhealthy, so their metabolism is improving which promoted weight loss.

You should also know one thing that this kind of weight loss is not doing any permanent damage to the body. In fact, it is a very healthy way of reducing weight.

Instead of consuming unhealthy foods like sugar, junk food, cheese, soda etc. They are eating healthy food that is good for the body.

Another thing is that when you lose weight like this, all the lost weight can bounce back easily if they revert back to their old eating habits. However, if they want to maintain it or rather keep the weight loss spree going then they should start exercising more.

Everyone can achieve their desired weight loss goals like this. It is not a big deal. All you have to do is just eat healthily, reduce portions sizes, say no to sugar and alcohol and workout. Then you can see that you will also get compliments from your friends and family for losing weight.

There are some more options also like weight loss pills. However, if you are going to try weight loss pills then you should be extra careful. The markets are full of cheap quality pills and supplements that promise to reduce weight but don’t deliver any good results. In fact, most of the supplements are filled with fillers so obviously, they don’t work.

Some products, however, can be good but it is extremely difficult to differentiate between good products and bad products. Therefore, exercise and proper healthy diet is the best way to lose weight naturally.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-6469213/Im-Celebrity-Anne-Hegerty-flaunts-jungle-weight-loss-official-shoot-leaving-show.html


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