How To Start A Blog On Instagram

I was searching for some new ideas for this blog ( and then I came across this amazing topic - "How to start a blog on Instagram?"

This is something that even I have wondered in the past when I first created my Instagram profile. I am a blogger so even if I am just scrolling through my social media accounts, at the back of my head I am still thinking about blogging.

So, I thought, how cool it would be if I could start a blog on Instagram. But, at that time, I really didn't knew how to do it so I did a lot of research and here is the outcome of my research. I have simplified everything for you in this blog post so that you can easily and quickly start blogging on Instagram yourself. Let's begin...

How to start a blog on Instagram?

When you start a blog on Instagram, it doesn't really is a blog, in fact it is a micro-blog. Don't worry, I'll explain everything in detail.

Blogging has evolved tremendously over the years. It is like a go-to platform for people to write up all the knowledge that they have about the topic of their interest.

When you buy a domain and create a website, you are actually hosting a full-fledged blog on it. So, when you shift from full-blogs to say "bite-size" information or post then it is called micro-blog.

Micro-blogs are short, precise, to the point information, statement or post that you can share on sites like Instagram, Twitter etc. So, it is like saying what you want but using less words. This is exactly how you start a blog on Instagram.

Advantages of blogging on Instagram

There are many advantages of blogging on Instagram like:

  • No web hosting
  • No web designing
  • No writing lengthy content
  • No creating backlinks

No Web Hosting

When you start your own blog, web hosting is one of the first things that needs your attention. There are different types of hosting's some are good, some are medium and some are bad. You have to be very careful in choosing the best hosting within your budget so that your blog can run smoothly without any downtime.

A bad quality hosting service will only give you bad experience because most of the times, you will be struggling to get your website back up and running. So, it is always recommended to choose good quality hosting only but this can be expensive. When you choose Instagram for blogging then you do not have to worry about web hosting at all. It will be a smooth ride for your micro-blog.

No Web Designing

If you are a web designer by profession then it is totally a piece-of-cake you but if you are not a professional like me then you will have trouble designing your own website or blog. In this case you can hire a professional and let him design for you but let me tell you it is going to be expensive.

If you try web designing yourself then go ahead but keep in mind that if you do not knowing coding then you can break your website. This means it might stop working or it might even not remain search engine compatible. A lot of issues can happen here. Now, with Instagram, you are totally taken care of because there is absolutely no need for web designing. It's easy, it's user-friendly and even kids can do it. 

No Writing Lengthy Content

This is so good, when you micro-blog, you do not have to write lengthy content and worry about things like word count. Sometimes, when you write a blog, you just want to write it short and precise but you also for to write for search engines and search engines love lengthy content. So, even though you don't want to write such lengthy content but still you have to write it otherwise your blog post might not receive the love from search engines.

This means you will not be ranked on the first page of google and you will automatically not get any readers to your blog. So, all your time, hard work and money is wasted. You obviously don't want that. Therefore, micro-blogging is the perfect alternative.

No Creating Backlinks

I cannot explain how much I hate creating backlinks. Yes, I hate it. I don't like doing it and honestly, I don't even want to do it. But, unfortunately I have to do it.

It is a rule (in fact one of the biggest rules) to create backlinks otherwise, your website or blog can never rank on Google.

According to Google, if you create backlinks then it is considered wrong and unnatural and it will not benefit your website rankings. But it's not actually the reality. Until and unless your blog has a lot of good quality backlinks, Google is not going to rank you. Believe me backlinks don't come naturally

I have been creating blogs since 2009 and not even once have I ever had a natural backlink. If you don't create them yourself then you will never have them. I have had a lot of unsuccessful blogs in the past only because I believed in this stupid concept that alleged "SEO gurus" give. They always say, "No need to create backlinks yourself, just create an awesome website and backlinks will naturally come". I mean seriously? My blogs are not wikipedia or forbes that backlinks will naturally come.... no they don't come and I failed because of your damn stupid advice (sorry about my language my awesome readers... I just got carried away).

Anyways, the point here is that when you create a micro-blog on Instagram you don't have to worry about creating thousands of backlinks, just have some popular hashtags and you're good to go.

Here are some steps that you can follow:

Steps to start a blog on Instagram

  • Sign up for an Instagram account (use your own email for this purpose, so that if in case you forget your password in the future you can retrieve it).
  • Along with setting a personal account, set up a business account also (it's easy because Instagram gives you the option when you sign up). You are going to use this business account for blogging purpose.
  • Set up a profile (make sure its legit, so that yo can have more credibility with your followers).
  • If you want, you can also connect your facebook page with your account.
  • When everything is done, just start micro-blogging.
  • Use the appropriate hashtags so that your blog-posts can reach to as many Instagram users as possible all over the world.


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