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How To Start A Blog On Instagram

I was searching for some new ideas for this blog ( and then I came across this amazing topic - "How to start a blog on Instagram?"

This is something that even I have wondered in the past when I first created my Instagram profile. I am a blogger so even if I am just scrolling through my social media accounts, at the back of my head I am still thinking about blogging.

So, I thought, how cool it would be if I could start a blog on Instagram. But, at that time, I really didn't knew how to do it so I did a lot of research and here is the outcome of my research. I have simplified everything for you in this blog post so that you can easily and quickly start blogging on Instagram yourself. Let's begin...

How to start a blog on Instagram?
When you start a blog on Instagram, it doesn't really is a blog, in fact it is a micro-blog. Don't worry, I'll explain everything in detail.

Blogging has evolved tremendously over the years. It is lik…

I’m A Celebrity: Anne Hegerty Weight Loss

Anne Hegerty lost one-stone weight and is now flaunting her body. She said that her enormous knockers caused her extreme discomfort in the jungle. She was in the I’m A Celebrity jungle for 18 long and tiresome days and left after she was evicted from the show by the public.

 After her eviction, she happily reunited with her previous comfortable luxuries.

When Anne Hegerty posed for her official photo shoot after leaving the camp, her happiness was quite evident. She was flaunting her new weight loss of one-stone with confidence.

The Chase star was looking fantastic with her body weight transformation. She was not wearing the usual jungle uniform, in fact, she was wearing a beautiful bright-colored ensemble. The dress definitely looked amazing on her as she looked more slim and sun-kissed.

Anne Hegerty, 60, revealed that she was extremely uncomfortable during the jungle camp due to her big breasts.

She told a leading daily that unlike some people who were suffering there due to boredom …