Is Social Media Good for Society?

Social media is something that is essential as well as non-essential these days. I will give you the reasons why I am saying that it is both essential and non-essential at the same time, so don't worry, keep on reading.

One of the biggest question or rather argument these days is -

Is Social Media good for society?

Well, to be very honest, Yes!

Social media is good for the society but you have to keep in mind that it is an extremely powerful source of medium that if used unresponsively can be extremely bad for the society as well. So, being responsible is very important.

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Keep in touch with friends and family

In today's busy life, nobody has enough time to meet and talk with friends and extended family members. In situations like this social media comes really handy because you can stay in touch with each other. You can stay updated with what's happening in their lives.

When you move out of the house and go to college or work in some other city or country, you can still keep in touch with your folks back home.

You can also share important documents, files, pictures, videos, messages etc on social media. In fact, this can be done really quickly. You can even delegate work to your employees over social media. Also, you can keep a track of the progress of the work delegated.

Earn money with Social Media

In addition, you can also become popular on social media. This can be a really good money gainer for you. In fact, you can make millions of dollars with your social media accounts. Sky is the limit.

It's not something new. Thousands of people are doing it everyday. Yes, this is true. Thousands of people worldwide are using social media to earn money.

There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. All of these are used by millions of people worldwide every single day. So, you can imagine yourself, that there is so much of scope to earn money with social media.

Keep in mind, to earn money with social media, you should become popular. Now, this can sound a little complicated but it is not actually complicated. I can explain how you can easily become popular and earn money online.

How to become popular on social media?

If you want to earn money with social media then the first thing is to create a plan and then execute it.

Your first step is to choose which platform is the best for you. For example - video marketing is extremely popular these days. So, if you have any kind of talent like cooking, dancing, singing etc and you are not camera shy then just start creating your videos and upload them on your youtube account.

After uploading them share those videos on your other social platforms among your friends. When your friends will watch your videos (do not tell them to watch it, let them do it on their own). This will help you gain some initial views for your channel.

Keep creating new content and keep uploading them, even if you are not getting enough views. It takes time to get organic views and once your channel starts getting views, youtube starts recommending your videos to other people and your channel becomes popular within months.

After you get a good amount of subscribers and views on your channels, you can do paid partnerships and earn money. So, basically, you become a brand in yourself and then you earn money. This process can be used on other social platforms as well. Do remember not to spam these sites for views or share or likes as this will hurt your channels credibility.

Another important thing is that if you are creating videos then don't just follow the trends blindly, do something that you love. Because if you follow the trends and create videos that others are creating just for the purpose of getting views then you will get bored within no time. But if you create videos on things that you love then you will enjoy doing it and you will never get bored. In this way your work will become much more easier.

Some people feel that working on social media is time consuming and the return on investment is almost nothing.

Return on investment

If you are worried about your investment then you should know one thing that you should not depend fully on social media initially. First spend money, time and energy in creating a brand and then count the numbers.

You can start it as a part-time thing. Lets say, you do a desk job full-time and when you get back home you are completely exhausted but you still have to cook or look after your family etc. then you do not have time to create a video, what should you do then?

Well, you should take thing lightly and relax because I have a solution for your problem.

Create videos on weekends. Get up early on Saturday as well and start creating a video. Let's say.. you create a 5 minute long video. After that spend some time to edit it. Once, it's finished upload it online. So, instead of creating and releasing a video everyday, you create and release only one video a week. That will not be burdensome and you can always chill and relax on Sunday.

If you really want to achieve something, you will have to compromise a little with your comfort. That's just the way it is!

Is Social Media Bad for Society?

Yes, it is. Social media can have really bad effects on the society.

It increases insecurities and people are under constant pressure to look their best on these platforms. This means, even if you are not actually happy, you have to put on a fake smile and pose for a photo so that you can upload it and people can hit the like button. Isn't it Fake?

Also, the constant fear of getting judged is there. People form prejudices about other people online, they even troll and spread negativity. This kind of repulsive behavior is not good for mental health. Another bad thing is that parents don't know what there children are doing on social platforms (I don't wanna elaborate on this particular because it's not that simple and parents know what I am talking about)


If you can keep your social media life and your real life separate then it's the best thing. Also, do not spend too much time online with your followers, spend more time offline with your loved ones.


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